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CNN 10:美国迪斯尼计划收购21世纪福克斯公司2017-12-16
If you don't like me hearing say, Fridays are awesome, you're going to get a break. This is our last show of 2017, and we will be back with jingle bells on Thursday, January 4th. First story is about a major media business deal in the U.S. Disney plans to buy 21st Century Fox. The deal is significant partly because of its size.
CNN 10:民主党人当选阿拉巴马州参议员2017-12-15
We're starting with an unusual election in Alabama and its effect on the U.S. Senate. On Tuesday, a vote was held in the southern state. It was to fill a vacancy in the Senate that was left when Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions was appointed to the job of U.S. attorney general earlier this year.
CNN 10:全球气候科学家齐聚巴黎气候峰会2017-12-14
An international summit has begun in the French capital. It involves more than 50 leaders from around the world and its focus is on climate change.
CNN 10:伊拉克军方称已将ISIS赶出伊拉克2017-12-13
First story, another major milestone in the international fight against the ISIS terrorist group. The Iraqi military says it's kicked ISIS out of the country and regained complete control of Iraq's border with Syria. Both of these nations are significant to ISIS, the name is an acronym for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.
CNN 10:减少白色污染2017-12-12
This special edition of our show dives into an ocean of plastic, masses of waste accumulating on and around some remote islands in the Pacific.
CNN 10:洛杉矶野火迅速蔓延 Al Franken因性侵丑闻下台2017-12-09
We're starting in the U.S. state of California. Officials there don't know yet what started a new surge of wildfires. But they're spreading extremely fast and one of them, in Ventura County, northwest of Los Angeles, is almost three times larger than the worst fire we reported on in October.
CNN 10:美国总统特朗普承认耶路撒冷为以色列首都2017-12-08
First story, from the White House, a major announcement yesterday by U.S. President Donald Trump. I have determined that it is time to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
CNN 10:国际奥委会禁止俄罗斯参加平昌冬奥会2017-12-07
The IOC, the International Olympic Committee, made a major announcement yesterday about the upcoming 2018 Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea. The Russian national team would be banned from the events. The decision followed a long investigation into the alleged doping of Russian athletes.
CNN 10:特朗普政府正考虑是否承认耶路撒冷为以色列首都2017-12-06
The Trump administration is considering a declaration that's significant around the world, whether to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. And if the U.S. government does that, it could later move the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel, to the city of Jerusalem.
CNN 10:特朗普前政治竞选顾问弗林承认提供虚假陈述2017-12-05
First on Friday, a former U.S. national security adviser pled guilty to lying to government investigators. His name is Michael Flynn. He's a retired lieutenant general with the U.S. army and an expert in military intelligence.
CNN 10:特朗普欲联手中国制裁朝鲜2017-12-02
U.S. President Donald Trump spoke with Chinese President Xi Jinping yesterday. And the American leader said that more sanctions, penalties on North Korea were on the way. China factors in because it's North Korea's only major ally.
CNN 10:巴厘岛阿贡火山持续喷发 政府已关闭机场2017-11-30
Before Mount Agung on the Indonesian island of Bali started erupting last week, it had been dormant for more than 50 years. Its last eruption was in 1963. But though it spewed ash more than five miles in the air over the past few days, authorities are concerned that a larger eruption could happen soon.
CNN 10:教皇方济各访问缅甸等东南亚国家2017-11-29
We have a lot to tell you about in the next 10 minutes, starting with the papal visit to the Southeast Asian country of Myanmar, also known as Burma. Yesterday, Pope Francis, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church, became the first pope to visit Myanmar.
CNN 10:美国再次将朝鲜列入支持恐怖主义国家名单2017-11-23
First story we're explaining today, North Korea has been added to the U.S. government's list of state sponsors of terrorism. That list now includes four countries, Iran, Sudan, Syria, and once again, North Korea.
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