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NPR在线收听:Bronx Apartment Fire Began On First Floor And Spread Quickly2017-12-31
More than 150 firefighters worked to put out the blaze in the Bronx Borough of New York City. It took hours to contain because of windy conditions. At least 12 people were killed.
NPR在线收听:Syria Says U.S. Forces Should Leave As Contractors, Diplomats Prepare To Arrive2017-12-31
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis says contractors and diplomats will be sent to Eastern Syria to help stabilize the country. They will be protected by American troops already there. Mattis says that besides rebuilding, the increased American presence will make sure diplomatic efforts continue for the future of Syria. Both Russia and Syria have said U.S. forces should leave.
NPR在线收听:Apple Issues Apology After Admitting To Slowing Down Older iPhones2017-12-31
Apple is doing damage control after iPhone owners expressed outrage when the company admitted to intentionally slowing down older phones to preserve battery life. NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with Will Oremus, who is covering the story for Slate, now that Apple has put out an unsigned apology.
NPR在线收听:Trump Voter Reflects On First Year Of Presidency2017-12-31
Last January, NPR's Ari Shapiro went on a road trip to talk with voters in the days leading up to the inauguration of President Trump. We check back in with one of the people we met strawberry farmer Chuck Wooten, who voted for President Trump.
NPR在线收听:Why The Stock Market Soared In 20172017-12-31
Stock prices boomed this year all over the world, including the United States. It was the best year for the market since 2013. But many market-watchers say prices have probably topped off for a while.
NPR在线收听:The Potential Impact Of Increasing The Minimum Wage2017-12-31
People who work for the minimum wage in 18 states are getting a raise on Jan.1. From Alaska to Maine, increases range from 4 cents to a dollar.
NPR在线收听:New Wave Of Electric 2-Wheelers Hits U.S. City Streets2017-12-31
As battery technology improves and cities get denser, some West Coast companies are targeting millennial and Gen X consumers by producing cheaper and greener mopeds, scooters and e-bikes.
NPR在线收听:Should You Warm Up Your Car Before Driving To Work?2017-12-31
Temperatures are dropping across the country this week and many people are wondering if they should warm up their cars before driving to work. NPR's Robert Siegel speaks with Ray Magliozzi, of Car Talk fame, about what he does and what's best for cars.
NPR在线收听:A Mission To Educate About Addiction2017-12-31
NPR's Noel King talks to Jessica Hulsey Nickel, president and CEO of the Addiction Policy Forum, about how losing both her parents to opioid addiction set her on a path of advocacy.
NPR在线收听:British Monarch Recognizes Citizens' 2017 Contributions To Public Life2017-12-31
Every new year the British monarch recognizes people who have made a contribution to public life in the U.K. While the New Year's Honors List usually includes members of the political, social and economic elite, the majority of those honored are ordinary people who have helped others in their daily lives.
NPR在线收听:Federal Appeals Court Gives EPA 90 Days To Propose Long-Awaited Lead Standards2017-12-29
A federal appeals court has ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to propose a new standard for lead inside homes within 90 days. NPR's Robert Siegel speaks with Eve Gartner, who litigated on behalf of groups suing the EPA to update the standards.
NPR在线收听:Florida Man Punches ATM After It Spews Cash2017-12-29
Michael John Oleksik reportedly got so mad at the ATM for messing up that he punched it, causing $5,000 in damages. He's facing charges of criminal mischief.
NPR在线收听:President Macron Promises Relief To Beleaguered French Suburbs2017-12-29
French President Emmanuel Macron promises help for the suburbs of Paris and other major cities, where immigrant communities are left to deal with crime and high unemployment.
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