Miss Lucy Pym, a popular English psychologist, is guest lecturer at a physical training college. The year's term is nearly over, and Miss Pym -- inquisitive and observant -- detects a furtiveness in the behavior of one student during a final exam.

She prevents the girl from cheating by destroying her crib notes. But Miss Pym's cover-up of one crime precipitates another -- a fatal "accident" that only her psychological theories can prove was really murder.

Chapter 12015-05-05
A bell clanged. Brazen, insistent, maddening. Through the quiet corridors came the din of it, making hideous the peace of the morning. From each of the yawning windows of the little quadrangle the noise poured out on to the still, sunlit garden where the grass was grey yet with dew. Little Miss Pym st
Chapter 22015-05-04
She was being beaten with knouts by two six-foot cossacks because she persisted in using the old-fashioned safety-pin when progress decreed a zipp-fastener, and the blood had begun to trickle down her back when she woke to the fact that the only thing that was being assaulted was her hearing. The be
Chapter 32015-05-04
At 2. 41, when the afternoon fast train to London was pulling out of Larborough prompt to the minute, Miss Pym sat under the cedar on the lawn wondering whether she was a fool, and not much caring anyhow. It was very pleasant there in the sunlit garden. It was also very quiet, since Saturday afternoo
Chapter 42015-05-04
You cannot expect them to be normal, repeated Miss Pym to herself, sitting in the same place on Sunday afternoon and looking at the crowd of happy and excessively normal young faces clustered below her on the grass. Her eye ran over them with pleasure. If none of them was distinguished
Chapter 52015-05-03
What is the college crime? she asked Henrietta, as they went upstairs after supper. They had paused by the big fan-lighted window on the landing to look down on the little quadrangle, letting the others precede them up to the drawing-room. Using the gymnasium as a short cut to th
Chapter 62015-05-03
The chairs scraped on the parquet floor as the students rose from their kneeling position, and turned to wait while the Staff filed out of morning prayers. Lucy, having become temporary Staff, had made the gesture of attending this 8. 45 ceremony as an off-set to the un-staff-like indul
Chapter 72015-05-03
Miss Pym, said The Nut Tart, materialising at Lucys elbow, let us run away together. It was Wednesday morning, and College was sunk in the thick silence of Final Examinations. Lucy was leaning over a five-barred gate behind the gymnasium, staring at a field of butte
Chapter 82015-05-02
Miss Pym was invigilating at the Senior Pathology Final, so as to give Miss Lux more time for the correction and marking of previous papers, when Henriettas meek little secretary tiptoed in and laid the days letters reverently on the desk in front of her. Miss Pym had been frowning ove
Chapter 92015-05-02
When Lucy first heard Arlinghurst mentioned it was not by any of the Staff but by the students themselves. She had spent Saturday afternoon with Fr?ken and her mother, helping to finish the Swedish folk costumes which the Juniors would wear for some of the country dances at the Demonstration. It was
Chapter 102015-05-02
No one can do that, they said; but it was just possible that she, Lucy, might. When the door closed behind Wragg she found herself faced with her own dilemma. She had reason to know that Miss Luxs first view of Henriettas reaction was much truer than her second. That mental astigmatism
Chapter 112015-05-01
Supper at Leys was the formal meal of the day, with the Seniors in their dancing silks and the rest in supper frocks, but on Saturdays when so many had Larborough leave it was a much more casual affair. Students sat where they pleased, and, within the bounds of convention, wore what th
Chapter 122015-05-01
But by noon on Sunday she was much less happy, and was wishing that she had had the foresight to invent a luncheon engagement in Larborough and so remove herself out of the area of the explosion that was coming. She had always hated explosions, literal and metaphorical; people who blew into paper ba
Chapter 132015-05-01
Lucy could no longer see the faces, but she felt the silence go suddenly blank. Become void and dead. It was the difference between a summer silence full of bird-notes and leaves and wind in the grasses, and the frozen stillness of some Arctic waste. And then, into the dead void just as they reached
Chapter 142015-04-30
Monday was an anticlimax. Lucy came back into a community that had talked itself out on the subject of Arlinghurst. Both Staff and students had had a whole days leisure in which to spread themselves over the sensation, and by night-time there was nothing more to be said; indeed every possible
Chapter 152015-04-30
The only person who was moved by Edward Adrians incursion into the College world was Madame Lefevre. Madame, as the representative of the theatre world in College, evidently felt that her own share in this visit should have been a larger one. She also gave Miss Lux to understand that she had,
Chapter 162015-04-30
Each successive day of her stay at Leys saw Lucy a little more wide awake in the mornings. When the monstrous clamour of the 5. 30 bell had first hurled her into wakefulness, she had turned on her other side as soon as the noise stopped and had fallen asleep again. But habit was beginning to have its
Chapter 172015-04-29
Students, said Miss Hodge, rising in her place after lunch and motioning the rest of the Staff to remain seated, you are all aware of the unfortunate accident which occurred this morning - entirely through the carelessness of the student concerned. The first thing a gymnas
Chapter 182015-04-29
As the guests moved out to the garden and the basket-chairs round the lawn, Lucy went with them, and while she was waiting to see if sufficient chairs had been provided before taking one for herself, she was seized upon by Beau, who said: Miss Pym! There you are! Ive been hunting for y
Chapter 192015-04-29
When tea was over (and Lucy had been introduced to at least twenty different sets of parents) the drift back from the garden began, and Lucy overtook Miss Lux on the way to the house. Im afraid that I am going to cry off tonight, she said. I feel a migraine coming. &
Chapter 202015-04-28
Bong! Bong! The clock in that far-away steeple struck again. Two oclock. She lay staring into the dark, while the cold rain beat on the ground outside and wild gusts rose every now and then and rioted in anarchy, flinging her curtains out into the room so that they flapped like sails and everyt
Chapter 212015-04-28
The morning was bleary and sodden, and Lucy regarded it with distaste. The waking-bell had sounded as usual at five-thirty, although on the morning after the Demonstration there were no classes before breakfast. College might make concessions but it did not discard its habits. She tried to fall asle
Chapter 222015-04-28
It was a horrible weekend. The rain poured down. Henrietta went about looking as though she had had a major operation that had not proved a success. Madame was at her worst and not at all helpful, either actually or verbally. Fr?ken was furious that such a thing should have happened in her&rdq