Between two tall gate-posts of rough-hewn stone (the gate itself having fallen from its hinges at some unknown epoch) we beheld the gray front of the old parsonage, terminating the vista of an avenue of black-ash trees.

The Old Manse2015-05-16
The Author makes the Reader acquainted with his Abode. Between two tall gate-posts of rough-hewn stone (the gate itself having fallen from its hinges at some unknown epoch) we beheld the gray front of the old parsonage, terminating the vista of an avenue of black-ash trees.
The Birthmark2015-05-16
In the latter part of the last century there lived a man of science, an eminent proficient in every branch of natural philosophy, who not long before our story opens had made experience of a spiritual affinity more attractive than any chemical one. He had left his laboratory to the care of an assist
A select Party2015-05-15
The man of fancy made an entertainment at one of his castles in the air, and invited a selec number of distinguished personages to favor him with their presence. The mansion, though less splendid than many that have been situated in the same region, was nevertheless of a magnificence such as is seld
Young Goodman Brown2015-05-15
Young Goodman Brown came forth at sunset into the street at Salem village; but put his head back, after crossing the threshold, to exchange a parting kiss with his young wife. And Faith, as the wife was aptly named, thrust her own pretty head into the street, letting the wind play with the pink ribb
Rappaccini’s Daughter2015-05-15
We do not remember to have seen any translated specimens of the productions of M. de lAubepine - a fact the less to be wondered at, as his very name is unknown to many of his own countrymen as well as to the student of foreign literature. As a writer, he seems to occupy an unfortunate p
Mrs. Bullfrog2015-05-14
It makes me melancholy to see how like fools some very sensible people act in the matter of choosing wives. They perplex their judgments by a most undue attention to little niceties of personal appearance, habits, disposition, and other trifles which concern nobody but the lady herself. An unhappy g
Fire Worship2015-05-14
It is a great revolution in social and domestic life, and no less so in the life of a secluded student, this almost universal exchange of the open fireplac for the cheerless and ungenial stove. On such a morning as now lowers around our old gray parsonage, I miss the bright face of my ancient friend
Buds and Bird Voices2015-05-14
Balmy Spring - weeks later than we expected and months later than we longed for her - comes at last to revive the moss on the roof and walls of our old mansion. She peeps brightly into my study-window, inviting me to throw it open and create a summer atmosphere by the intermixture of her
Monsieur Du Miroir2015-05-13
Than the gentleman above named, there is nobody, in the whole circle of my acquaintance, whom I have more attentively studied, yet of whom I have less real knowledge, beneath the surface which it pleases him to present. Being anxious to discover who and what he really is, and how connected with me,
The Hall of Fantasy2015-05-13
It has happened to me, on various occasions, to find myself in a certain edifice which would appear to have some of the characteristics of a public exchange. Its interior is a spacious hall, with a pavement of white marble. Overhead is a lofty dome, supported by long rows of pillars of fantastic arc
The Celestial Railroad2015-05-13
Not a great while ago, passing through the gate of dreams, I visited that region of the earth in which lies the famous City of Destruction. It interested me much to learn that by the public spirit of some of the inhabitants a railroad has recently been established between this populous and flourishi
The Procession of Life2015-05-12
Life figures itself to me as a festal or funereal procession. All of us have our places, and are to move onward under the direction of the Chief Marshal. The grand difficulty results from the invariably mistaken principles on which the deputy marshals seek to arrange this immense concourse of people
The New Adam and Eve2015-05-12
We who are born into the worlds artificial system can never adequately know how little in our present state and circumstances is natural, and how much is merely the interpolation of the perverted mind and heart of man. Art has become a second and stronger nature; she is a step-mother, whose c
Egotism 1; or, the Bosom Serpent2015-05-12
[From the Unpublished Allegories of the Heart. ]1 The physical fact, to which it is here attempted to give a moral signification, has been known to occur in more than one instance. Here he comes! shouted the boys along the street. Here comes the man with a snake in h
The Christmas Banquet2015-05-11
[From the unpublished Allegories of the Heart. ]I have here attempted, said Roderick, unfolding a few sheets of manuscript, as he sat with Rosina and the sculptor in the summer-house - I have attempted to seize hold of a personage who glides past me, occasiona
Drowne’s Wooden Image2015-05-11
One sunshiny morning, in the good old times of the town of Boston, a young carver in wood, well known by the name of Drowne, stood contemplating a large oaken log, which it was his purpose to convert into the figure-head of a vessel. And while he discussed within his own mind what sort of shape or s
The Intelligence Office2015-05-11
Grave figure, with a pair of mysterious spectacles on his nose and a pen behind his ear, was seated at a desk in the corner of a metropolitan office. The apartment was fitted up with a counter, and furnished with an oaken cabinet and a Chair or two, in simple and business-like style. Around the wall
Roger Malvin’s Burial2015-05-10
One of the few incidents of Indian warfare naturally susceptible of the moonlight of romance was that expedition undertaken for the defence of the frontiers in the year 1725, which resulted in the well-remembered Lovells Fight. Imagination, by casting certain circumstances judic
P.’s Correspondence2015-05-10
My unfortunate friend P. has lost the thread of his life by the interposition of long intervals of partially disordered reason. The past and present are jumbled together in his mind in a manner often productive of curious results, and which will be better understood after the perusal of the followin
Earth’s Holocaust2015-05-10
Once upon a time - but whether in the time past or time to come is a matter of little or no moment - this wide world had become so overburdened with an accumulation of worn-out trumpery, that the inhabitants determined to rid themselves of it by a general bonfire. The site fixed upon at
The Old Apple Dealer2015-05-09
The lover of the moral picturesque may sometimes find what he, seeks in a character which is nevertheless of too negative a description to be seized upon and represented to the imaginative vision by word-painting. As an instance, I remember an old man who carries on a little trade of gingerbread and
The Artist of the Beautiful2015-05-09
An elderly man, with his pretty daughter on his arm, was passing along the street, and emerged from the gloom of the cloudy evening into the light that fell across the pavement from the window of a small shop. It was a projecting window; and on the inside were suspended a variety of watches, pinchbe
A Virtuoso’s Collection2015-05-09
The other day, having a leisure hour at my disposal, I stepped into a new museum, to which my notice was casually drawn by a small and unobtrusive sign: TO BE SEEN HERE, A Virtuosos Collection. Such was the simple yet not altogether unpromising announcement that turned my steps
Feathertop: A Moralized Legend2015-05-08
Dickon, cried Mother Rigby, a coal for my pipe!The pipe was in the old dames mouth when she said these words. She had thrust it there after filling it with tobacco, but without stooping to light it at the hearth, where indeed there was no appearance of a fire havin
Passages From a Relinquished Work2015-05-08
At HomeFrom infancy I was under the guardianship of a village parson, who made me the subject of daily prayer and the sufferer of innumerable stripes, using no distinction, as to these marks of paternal love, between myself and his own three boys. The result, it must be owned, has been very differen
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