I ASK good things that I detest,With speeches fair;Heed not, I pray Thee, Lord, my breast,But hear my prayer.

I ASK good things that I detest,With speeches fair;Heed not, I pray Thee, Lord, my breast,But hear my prayer. I say ill things I would not say -Things unaware:Regard my breast, Lord, in Thy day,And not my prayer. My heart is evil in Thy sight:My good thoughts flee:O Lord, I cannot wish aright &m
Lo! In Thine Honest Eyes I Read2015-08-05
LO! in thine honest eyes I readThe auspicious beacon that shall lead,After long sailing in deep seas,To quiet havens in June ease. Thy voice sings like an inland birdFirst by the seaworn sailor heard;And like road sheltered from lifes seaThine honest heart is unto me.
Though Deep Indifference Should Drowse2015-08-05
THOUGH deep indifference should drowseThe sluggish life beneath my brows,And all the external things I seeGrow snow-showers in the street to me,Yet inmost in my stormy senseThy looks shall be an influence. Though other loves may come and goAnd long years sever us below,Shall the thin ice that grows a
My Heart, when First the Black-Bird Sings2015-08-04
MY heart, when first the blackbird sings,My heart drinks in the song:Cool pleasure fills my bosom throughAnd spreads each nerve along. My bosom eddies quietly,My heart is stirred and coolAs when a wind-moved briar sweepsA stone into a poolBut unto thee, when thee I meet,My pulses thicken fast,As when
I Dreamed of Forest Alleys Fair2015-08-04
I. I DREAMED of forest alleys fairAnd fields of gray-flowered grass,Where by the yellow summer moonMy Jenny seemed to pass. I dreamed the yellow summer moon,Behind a cedar wood,Lay white on fields of rippling grassWhere I and Jenny stood. I dreamed - but fallen through my dream,In a rainy land I
St. Martin’s Summer2015-08-03
AS swallows turning backwardWhen half-way oer the sea,At one words trumpet summonsThey came again to me -The hopes I had forgottenCame back again to me. I know not which to credit,O lady of my heart!Your eyes that bade me linger,Your words that bade us part -I know not which
MY first gift and my last, to youI dedicate this fascicle of songs -The only wealth I have:Just as they are, to you. I speak the truth in soberness, and sayI had rather bring a light to your clear eyes,Had rather hear you praiseThis bosomful of songsThan that the whole, hard world with one cons
The Old Chimaeras, Old Receipts2015-08-02
THE old Chimaeras, old receiptsFor making happy land,The old political beliefsSwam close before my hand. The grand old communistic mythsIn a middle state of grace,Quite dead, but not yet gone to Hell,And walking for a space,Quite dead, and looking it, and yetAll eagerness to showThe Soc
BY sunny market-place and streetWherever I go my drum I beat,And wherever I go in my coat of redThe ribbons flutter about my head. I seek recruits for wars to come -For slaughterless wars I beat the drum,And the shilling I give to each new allyIs hope to live and courage to die. I know that new
The Vanquished Knight2015-08-01
I HAVE left all upon the shameful field,Honour and Hope, my God, and all but life;Spurless, with sword reversed and dinted shield,Degraded and disgraced, I leave the strife. From him that hath not, shall there not be takenEen that he hath, when he deserts the strife?Life left by all life&rsquo
To the Commissioners of Northern Lights2015-08-01
I SEND to you, commissioners,A paper that may please ye, sirs(For troth they say it might be worseAn I believet)And on your business lay my curseBefore I leavt. I thocht Id serve wi you, sirs, yince,But Ive thocht better of it since;The maitter I will nowise
The Relic Taken, what Avails the Shrine?2015-07-31
THE relic taken, what avails the shrine?The locket, pictureless? O heart of mine,Art thou not worse than that,Still warm, a vacant nest where love once sat?Her image nestled closer at my heartThan cherished memories, healed every smartAnd warmed it more than wineOr the full summer sun in noon-day sh
About the Sheltered Garden Ground2015-07-31
ABOUT the sheltered garden groundThe trees stand strangely still. The vale neer seemed so deep before,Nor yet so high the hill. An awful sense of quietness,A fulness of repose,Breathes from the dewy garden-lawns,The silent garden rows. As the hoof-beats of a troop of horseHeard far across a plai
After Reading “Antony and Cleopatra”2015-07-30
AS when the hunt by holt and fieldDrives on with horn and strife,Hunger of hopeless things pursuesOur spirits throughout life. The seas roar fills us aching fullOf objectless desire -The seas roar, and the white moon-shine,And the reddening of the fire. Who talks to me of reason no
I Know Not How, but as I Count2015-07-30
I KNOW not how, but as I countThe beads of former years,Old laughter catches in my throatWith the very feel of tears.
Spring Song2015-07-29
THE air was full of sun and birds,The fresh air sparkled clearly. Remembrance wakened in my heartAnd I knew I loved her dearly. The fallows and the leafless treesAnd all my spirit tingled. My earliest thought of love, and SpringsFirst puff of perfume mingled. In my still heart the thoughts awoke,
The Summer Sun Shone Round Me2015-07-29
THE summer sun shone round me,The folded valley layIn a stream of sun and odour,That sultry summer day. The tall trees stood in the sunlightAs still as still could be,But the deep grass sighed and rustledAnd bowed and beckoned me. The deep grass moved and whisperedAnd bowed and brushed my face. It whis
You Looked So Tempting in the Pew2015-07-28
YOU looked so tempting in the pew,You looked so sly and calm -My trembling fingers played with yoursAs both looked out the Psalm. Your heart beat hard against my arm,My foot to yours was set,Your loosened ringlet burned my cheekWhenever they two met. O little, little we hearkened, dear,And littl
Love’s Vicissitudes2015-07-28
AS Love and Hope togetherWalk by me for a while,Link-armed the ways they travelFor many a pleasant mile -Link-armed and dumb they travel,They sing not, but they smile. Hope leaving, Love commencesTo practise on the lute;And as he sings and travelsWith lingering, laggard foot,Despair plays oblig
WITH caws and chirrupings, the woodsIn this thin sun rejoice. The Psalm seems but the little kirkThat sings with its own voice. The cloud-rifts share their amber lightWith the surface of the mere -I think the very stones are gladTo feel each other near. Once more my whole heart leaps and swellsAn
Stout Marches Lead to Certain Ends2015-07-27
STOUT marches lead to certain ends,We seek no Holy Grail, my friends -That dawn should find us every daySome fraction farther on our way. The dumb lands sleep from east to west,They stretch and turn and take their rest. The cock has crown in the steading-yard,But priest and people slumber hard. W
Away with Funeral Music2015-07-26
AWAY with funeral music - setThe pipe to powerful lips -The cup of lifes for him that drinksAnd not for him that sips.
To Sydney2015-07-26
NOT thine where marble-still and whiteOld statues share the tempered lightAnd mock the uneven modern flight,But in the streamOf daily sorrow and delightTo seek a theme. I too, O friend, have steeled my heartBoldly to choose the better part,To leave the beaten ways of art,And wholly freeTo dare, beyon
Had I the Power that have the Will2015-07-25
HAD I the power that have the will,The enfeebled will - a modern curse -This book of mine should blossom stillA perfect garden-ground of verse. White placid marble gods should keepGood watch in every shadowy lawn;And from clean, easy-breathing sleepThe birds should waken me at dawn. &mdash
O Dull Cold Northern Sky2015-07-25
O DULL cold northern sky,O brawling sabbath bells,O feebly twittering Autumn bird that tellsThe year is like to die!O still, spoiled trees, O city ways,O sun desired in vain,O dread presentiment of coming rainThat cloys the sullen days!Thee, heart of mine, I greet. In what hard mountain passStriv&rsq
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