What! no music, no dancing at Castle Hermitage to-night; and all the ladies sitting in a formal circle, petrifying into perfect statues? cried Sir Ulick O’Shane as he entered the d...

Chapter 12015-03-17
What! no music, no dancing at Castle Hermitage to-night; and all the ladies sitting in a formal circle, petrifying into perfect statues?
Chapter 22015-03-17
Lady OShane, extremely terrified, had scarcely power to rise. She opened the drawer of the table, and thrust her trembling hand down to the bottom of the silk bag, into which the keys had fallen. Impatient of delay, Ormond pushed open the door, snatched the keys, and disappeared.
Chapter 32015-03-16
But is it natural, is it possible, that this Sir Ulick OShane could so easily part with Harry Ormond, and thus whistle him down the wind to prey at fortune? For Harry Ormond, surely, if for any creature living, Sir Ulick OShanes affection had shown itself disintere
Chapter 42015-03-16
Full of sudden zeal for his own improvement, Ormond sat down at the foot of a tree, determined to make a list of all his faults, and of all his good resolutions for the future. He took out his pencil, and began on the back of a letter the following resolutions, in a sad scrawling hand and incorrect
Chapter 52015-03-15
In the middle of the night our hero was wakened by a loud bellowing. It was only King Corny in a paroxysm of the gout. His majesty was naturally of a very impatient temper, and his maxims of philosophy encouraged him to the most unrestrained expression of his feelings - the maxims of his philo
Chapter 62015-03-15
One morning, when Harry Ormond was out shooting, and King Corny, who had recovered tolerably from the gout, was reinstated in his arm-chair in the parlour, listening to Father Jos reading The Dublin Evening Post, a gossoon, one of the runners of the castle, opened the door, and putting
Chapter 72015-03-14
King Corny sat for some minutes after Sir Ulicks departure perfectly still and silent, leaning both hands and his chin on his crutch. Then, looking up at Harry, he exclaimed, What a dupe you are! but I like you the better for it.I am glad you like me the better
Chapter 82015-03-14
It is said that the Turks have a very convenient recording angel, who, without dropping a tear to blot out that which might be wished unsaid or undone, fairly shuts his eyes, and forbears to record whatever is said or done by man in three circumstances: when he is drunk, when he is in a passion
Chapter 92015-03-13
This was the first time Mdlle. OFaley had ever been at Corny Castle. Hospitality, as well as gratitude, determined the King of the Black Islands to pay her honour due.Now Harry Ormond, said he, I have made one capital good resolution.
Chapter 102015-03-13
One day when Harry Ormond was out shooting with Moriarty Carroll, Moriarty abruptly began with, Why then, tis what I am thinking, Master Harry, that King Corny dont know as much of that White Connal as I do. What do you know of Mr. Connal?
Chapter 112015-03-12
Our young hero, hero-like, took a solitary walk to indulge his feelings; and as he rambled, he railed to his hearts content against Dora.Here all my plans of happiness and improvement are again overturned: Dora cannot improve me, can give me no motive for making myself any thing better
Chapter 122015-03-12
White Connal and his father - we name the son first, because his superior wealth inverting the order of nature, gave him, in his own opinion, the precedency on all occasions - White Connal and his father arrived at Corny Castle. King Corny rejoiced to see his old friend, the elder
Chapter 132015-03-11
Harry Ormond thought it hard to bear unmerited reproach and suspicion; found it painful to endure the altered eye of his once kind and always generous, and to him always dear, friend and benefactor. But Ormond had given a solemn promise to White Connal never to mention any thing that had passed betw
Chapter 142015-03-11
A few days afterwards, Sheelah, bursting into Doras room, exclaimed, Miss Dora! Miss Dora! for the love of God, they are coming! Theyre coming down the avenue, powdering along! Black Connal himself flaming away, with one in a gold hat, this big, galloping after, and all gold
Chapter 152015-03-10
Vain of showing that he was not in the slightest degree jealous, Connal talked to Ormond in the freest manner imaginable, touching with indifference even on the very subject which Ormond, from feelings of delicacy and honour, had anxiously avoided.
Chapter 162015-03-10
The evening after the departure of the happy trio, who were gone to Dublin to buy wedding-dresses, the party remaining at Castle Corny consisted only of King Corny, Ormond, and Father Jos. When the candles were lighted, his majesty gave a long and loud yawn, Harry set the backgammon table for him
Chapter 172015-03-09
A boy passing by saw what had happened, and ran to the house, calling as he went to some workmen, who hastened to the place, where they heard the howling of the dogs. Ormond neither heard nor saw - till Moriarty said, He must be carried home;
Chapter 182015-03-09
Ormond was received with much kindness in Dr. Cambrays family, in which he felt himself at ease, and soon forgot that he was a stranger: his mind, however, was anxious about his situation, as he longed to get into active life.
Chapter 192015-03-08
After having lived so long in retirement, our young hero, when he was to go into company again, had many fears that his manners would appear rustic and unfashioned. With all these apprehensions as to his manners there was mixed a large proportion of pride of character,
Chapter 202015-03-08
New circumstances arose, which unexpectedly changed the course of our heros mind. There was a certain Lady Millicent, whose name Lady Norton had read from her memorandum-book among the list of guests expected at Castle Hermitage. Sir Ulick, as Ormond recollected,
Chapter 212015-03-07
During the course of Ormonds tour through Ireland, he frequently found himself in company with those who knew the history of public affairs for years past, and were but too well acquainted with the political profligacy and shameful jobbing of Sir Ulick OShane.
Chapter 222015-03-07
Upon his arrival at Annaly, Ormond found that Dr. Cambray and all his family were there.Yes, all your friends, said Lady Annaly, as Ormond looked round with pleasure, all your friends, Mr. Ormond - you must allow me an old right to be of that number
Chapter 232015-03-06
There are people who can go on very smoothly with those whose principles and characters they despise and dislike. There are people who, provided they live in company, are happy, and care but little of what the company is composed. But our young hero certainly was not one of these contented people.
Chapter 242015-03-06
When Ormond returned, in obedience to Mrs. MCrules summons, he found in the room an unusual assemblage of persons - a party of morning visitors, the unmuffled contents of the car. As he entered, he bowed as courteously as possible to the whole circle, and advanced towards Mrs.
Chapter 252015-03-05
One evening Ormond walked with Sir Herbert Annaly to the sea-shore, to look at the lighthouse which was building. He was struck with all that had been done here in the course of a few months, and especially with the alteration in the appearance of the people.
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